Rose’s Driving School is the premiere driving school in Ireland. Owned and operated by certified driving instructor Rose Dooley, many students usually pass the test, sometimes on their first try. If you have come here to learn how to drive, you have come to the right place.

If you have come here looking for help with the supernatural, you have come to the wrong place. Please log off this website immediately and do not contact.

It’s not too hard.

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Rose Dooley
Rose DooleyCertified Driving Instructor

Rose Dooley is a full-time driving instructor. She hasn’t done that other thing in years.

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Wall of Fame

Brid O Connor
Brid O ConnorPassed!
Joseph Toomey
Joseph ToomeyPassed technically
Lilly McCarthy
Lilly McCarthyPassed!
Mary Casey
Mary CaseyPassed!


Does Rose engage in casual “driving instructor conversation” to build rapport with students?


Does Rose’s driving school refund students who don’t pass the exam?

No. The test is quite easy and they would have passed if they had paid attention.

What if I have a question about a haunted car? Can Rose help?


What if there is a haunted pothole?

Please drive around it.

Is this website haunted?


In Memoriam

Vincent Dooley

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